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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Here is information and suppliers of the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.  We have researched the Internet and these suppliers listed below offer some of the best prices we have found.  Take a look at each and compare prices and different models.

Looking for a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse? Here is information that will help you in your search.

Computers continue to evolve drastically with each day that passes by. From the large bulky machines of the late 70’s capable of performing complex calculations to the sleek desktops of today with multimedia capability, the computer continues to get better. The keyboard and mouse are two most important components of a computer system. It is through these two devices that the user interacts with the computer.
Traditionally the keyboard and mouse were wired devices. But with advancement in technology, wireless keyboards and mouse became available to the public. Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is one of the most popular brands of such wireless input devices in the market today.

The prices of the Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse vary according to different models. Prices can be as low as 40 dollars and can even go up to as high as 150 dollars. The prices usually increase with the increase in the functionality of the product. A wireless device is usually a touch costlier than the corresponding wired device with equivalent functionality. This can make it challenging for potential consumers to decide on whether to go for a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.

The most common concern and misconception for prospective customers interested in Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is that the products are expensive. This is not always true. There are brands of wireless input devices which are even costlier than Microsoft’s but provide users with limited functionality when compared to Microsoft’s product.

It is a well known fact that several companies provide consumers with wireless keyboard and mouse at a much cheaper rate. However, such products are not always reliable. They get damaged after a limited period of time. Even the servicing takes a long time. This is where Microsoft scores over its competitors. Not only are the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse reliable but also come with extended warranty. If your product gets damaged it is repaired or replaced within a short interval of time. This saves the user unnecessary inconvenience and downtime.

A key feature of Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is that the devices can be used to operate the computer from a distance. The connectivity is good and the problems in detection are few and far in between compared to similar devices of other companies.
Another key element that determines the success of any wireless keyboard or mouse is the battery life. Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse come with a battery life in the range of 5 to 6 months. Some of them even come with a battery life indicator. Some attractive features specific to the mouse include the four way scrolling, windows flip and high definition optical technology which makes the mouse more accurate and responsive.

Microsoft’s keyboard also comes with many such features like the snap in receiver which provides a 30 foot wireless range and soft touch palm rest which provides comforts to the users hand in between typing. Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is definitely a safe bet when it comes to quality input devices.

Here are top online suppliers that offer a wide range of choices and great prices for the Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse:  Tech Bargains and XP Bargains.